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Everything you Need to Know about Pool Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your above ground pool can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, it’s not rocket science! The articles below explain everything in a clear and easy-to-understand way, without drowning you in a sea of scientific jargon. So, whether you’re a pool pro or a newbie, give them a read and dive into a summer of sparkling clean and perfectly balanced pool water!

Chemically Starting up your Above Ground Pool

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to shock the pool and maintain proper chemical levels throughout the season.

Tips on cleaning and maintaining above ground pool

24 Real-World Tips for Maintaining an Above Ground Pool

Provides a comprehensive guide to maintaining an above-ground pool and offers practical advice that can help pool owners keep their pools in good condition.

What Does it Cost to Maintain an Above Ground Pool?

The article explains the costs involved in maintaining an above-ground swimming pool. It lists various expenses such as chemicals, water testing kits, cleaning equipment, and electricity for running the pool pump.

Pool chemicals

Above Ground Pool Chemicals (Defined)

Alright man, listen up. You wanna keep your above-ground swimming pool in tip-top shape, you gotta know your chemicals, man. This article’s got you covered with a rundown of all the important above-ground pool chemicals.

How to add Chemicals to an Above Ground Pool

This article provides detailed instructions on how to add chemicals, such as chlorine and algaecide, to the pool water and how to properly distribute them. It suggests testing the water for pH levels, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness to determine which chemicals are needed.

pool ph

Understanding the PH in your Above Ground Pool

So, you’ve got an above-ground pool and you’re wondering why your eyes are stinging and your skin feels like sandpaper? Well, my friend, it’s time to talk about pH levels! This article breaks down the importance of understanding pH in your above-ground pool and how it affects your swimming experience.

above ground pool test kit

Water Testing Options for Above Ground Pool

This article lays out some fun and easy water testing options for you to choose from. From test strips to liquid kits, you’ll find everything you need to get accurate results without breaking a sweat (or the bank!).


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